Ballarat Swap Meet | VIC

Last Weekend | Saturday 22 & Sunday 23 February 2014 | Ballarat Swap Meet VIC
Ballarat Airport, Ballarat Victoria
Hosted by Ballarat Rotary Clubs
Contact | 0487 175 996 or 0487 175 997 or

Visit Official Site | Facebook

Ballarat Swap Meet VIC 2014

Dates & Times

  • Site holder entry: 2pm Thu 20 Feb
  • Public trading entry: 7am Fri 21 Feb
  • Public trading entry: 7am Sat 22 Feb
  • Car park gates open (Fri/Sat): 6am
  • Public Entry Prices, $10.00 per day. Children Under 14 Free.


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9 Responses to Ballarat Swap Meet | VIC

  1. Clare says:

    Hi all,
    You can rebook your old site at Ballarat Swap Meet by calling either of the numbers listed. These will be held until December 9, 2011 only.

  2. Ken Rodgie says:

    Hi we thought the Ballarat swap meet was finished, could you please confirm that it is still on & will continue to be on in the future.
    Many Thanks.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Ken Rodgie.

  3. swapmeets says:

    G’day Ken. Thanks for your post. Please go to the official site for confirmation that the Ballarat Swap Meet is still on:

  4. Sandra Williamson says:

    hi i have seen two conflicting dates . could you please tell me if its on friday and saturday or saturday and sunday. thanks graeme.

  5. swapmeets says:

    G’day Graeme. The official site indicates that the Ballarat Swap Meet is on Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 February 2012. However, the area will be open on Friday 24 to allow sellers to set up their sites. Cheers, Tim

  6. Rob says:

    Hi, what a great job for your first go, food was ten times better, toilets every where, i was told by stall holders it was a good day saturday, but sunday was a let down. please take note of the site holders that stayed for sunday trading and put them all together, perhaps offer them a discount for the following year, if the public know there will be a large amount of stall holders on the sunday im sure the gate takings would cover any discount offered. Cheers Rob

  7. Graham Tonkin says:

    Bring back the two full day swapmeet , in Thursday, trading Friday and Saturday out Sunday.After 14 years attending its not worth us coming 650kms and back for one day.
    Graham from Adelaide

  8. Clare says:

    Folks, 2014 was Friday and Saturday trade and will be again in 2015. We are also looking at trading later on the Friday.

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