Every week, hundreds of die-cast scale models are available from Holden enthusiasts looking to give their collection a good home.

Early Models Commodores Motorsport
FX Holden LC Torana VB Commodore Brock
FJ Holden LJ Torana VC Commodore HDT
FE Holden LH Torana VH Commodore HRT
FC Holden LX Torana VK Commodore HSV
FB Holden A9X Torana VL Commodore Walkinshaw
EK Holden SLR/5000 VN Commodore Peter Brock
EJ Holden Holden Astra VP Commodore Will Davison
EH Holden Holden Gemini VR Commodore Allan Grice
HD Holden Holden Vectra VS Commodore John Harvey
HR Holden Holden Viva VT Commodore Todd Kelly
HK Holden HK Monaro VX Commodore Craig Lowndes
HT Holden HT Monaro VY Commodore Greg Murphy
HG Holden HG Monaro VZ Commodore Larry Perkins
HQ Holden HQ Monaro VE Commodore Jim Richards
HJ Holden HJ Monaro Mark Skaife
HX Holden HX Monaro Holden Panelvan Garth Tander
HZ Holden HZ Monaro Holden Ute Jamie Whincup

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