Australian Car Clubs                                                                               

On behalf of all Australian motoring enthusiasts, we have compiled Australia’s most comprehensive listing of all national Australian motoring clubs sorted by make and country of origin, and individual motoring clubs sorted by state.

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Australian Car Clubs listed earliest to latest

001 1944 Vintage Sports Car Club of Australia | National
002 1950 Austin Seven Club | NSW
003 1951 Renault Car Club of Australia | National
004 1956 Bentley Drivers Club of Australia | National
005 1956 Rolls Royce Owners Club of Australia | National
006 1957 Jowett Car Club of Australia | National

007 1960 Armstrong Siddeley Car Club of Australia | National
008 1960 Sprite Car Club of Australia | National
009 1963 Sunshine Coast Antique Car Club | QLD
009 1964 Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia | National)
010 1964 Rover Car Club of Australia | National
011 1964 Rover Owners Club | National
012 1964 Veteran & Vintage Car Club of Australia | ACT
013 1966 Land Rover Owners Club of Australia | National
014 1967 Buick Car Club of Australia | National
015 1967 Studebaker Car Club of Australia | National
016 1967 Veteran & Vintage Chevrolet Association of Australia | National
017 1968 Canberra Antique & Classic Motor Club | ACT
018 1968 Mazda Car Club of Australia | National
019 1968 Nissan Car Club of Australia | National
020 1969 Austin Healey Owners Club | NSW

021 1970s MG Car Club Canberra (ACT)
022 1970 Cadillac LaSalle Club of Aust (NSW Region) (NSW)
023 1972 Buick Car Club Inc (NSW)
024 1972 Ferrari Club Australia (National)
025 1973 Chrysler Restorers Club of Australia (National)
026 1973 Club Lotus Australia (National)
027 1974 Mustang Owners Club Australia (National)
028 1974 Veteran Vintage & Classic Motor Cycle Club (ACT)
029 1975 Brindabella Motor Sport Club (ACT)
030 1975 Chevrolet Club of NSW (NSW)
031 1976 Mercedes Benz Club ACT  (ACT)
032 1977 Falcon GT Club of Australia (National)
033 1977 FX-FJ Car Club of Canberra (ACT)
034 1978 Canberra District Ducati Club (ACT)
035 1978 Citroen Classic Owners Club of Australia (National)
036 1978 Mustang Owners Club Australia NSW Canberra Chapter (NSW)
037 1979 Austin Motor Vehicle Club (NSW)
038 1979 Fiat Club of ACT (ACT)
039 1979 Peugeot Association of Canberra (ACT)

040 1980s Australian Goldwing Association (National)
041 1980 Canberra Region Morris Minor Club (ACT)
042 1981 Aston Martin Owners Club (VIC)
043 1981 Corvettes of Canberra (ACT)
044 1981 Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club (National)
045 1982 ACT Street Machine Association (ACT)
046 1983 ACT Mini Car Club (ACT)
047 1983 Hillman Owners Club of Australia (National)
048 1984 Central Coast British Car Club (NSW)
049 1985 BMW Car Club ACT (ACT)
050 1985 Club Veedub Sydney – Canberra Chapter (ACT)
051 1985 Renault Owners Club of Canberra (ACT)
052 1986 Datsun Sports Owners Australia (National)
053 1987 Camaro Firebird Owners Club of Australia (NSW)
054 1987 FE-HR Holden Owners Club ACT (ACT)
055 1988 American Car Club of Australia (National)

056 1990 Canberra and District Historic Engine Club (ACT)
057 1990 EJ-EH Holden Club ACT (ACT)
058 1992 Triumph Car Club ACT (ACT)
059 1996 Canberra Rod and Kustom Klub (ACT)

060 2000 ACT Small Ford Owners Club (ACT)
061 2000 ACT/QBN Torana Club (ACT)
062 2000 RNN14 Owners Club Australia (National)
063 2000 Southern District Motorsport Association (ACT)
064 2002 Nissan Sports Car Club (National)
065 2002 REACT – Rotary Enthusiasts ACT (ACT)
066 2003 Canberra Torana Club (ACT)
067 2003 Falcon Cobra Club of Australia (National)
068 2004 Low Intentions – Canberra Mini Truck Club (ACT)
069 2005 Canberra and District Rootes Group Owners (ACT)
070 2006 British & European Automobile Club Southern Highlands (NSW)
071 2007 Falcon GT Club of Canberra (ACT)
072 2007 HSV Owners Club of NSW (Inc HDT) Canberra Branch (ACT)
073 2007 XD-XE-XF Falcon Owners Club (National)

Unknown Establishment Year

Alfa Romeo Owners Club of Australia (National)
MC Rambler Car Club of Australia (National)
American Car Club of Australia (National)
Audi Car Clubs of Australia (National)
Australian Cobra Car Club  (National)
Australian PT Cruiser & Modern Mopar Car Club (National)
Bolwell Car Club of Australia (National)
BMW Clubs of Australia (National)
Chrysler & Valiant Owners Association (National)
clubMINI (National)
Clubman Drivers Club of Australia (National)
Daimler & Lanchester Owners Club of Australia (National)
Datsun 240z & Datsun 260z Club Australia (National)
European Car Club of Australia  (National)
Holden Car Clubs of Australia  (National)
Humber Car Club of Australia (National)
Imprezza WRX Club of Australia  (National)
Isuzu Car Club of Australia (National)
JBA Owners Club Australia (National)
Jenson Car Club Australia (National)
Leyland P76 National Register (National)
Mazda MX-5 Clubs of Australia (National)
Mercedes-Benz Car Clubs of Australia (National)
MG Car Clubs of Australia (National)
Model A Restorers Club (Australia) (National)
National XK-XP Falcon Club (National)
Opels of Australia (National)
Peugeot Car Clubs of Australia (National)
Pontiac Car Club of Australia (National)
Pulsar Group of Australia (National)
Saab Car Club of Australia (National)
Simca Car Club Australia (National)
Singer Car Club of Australia (National)
Skylines Australia (National)
Toymods Car Club Australia (National)
Toyota Owners Club Australia (National)
Triumph Car Clubs of Australia (National)
Triumph Motorcycle Register of Australia (National)
Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club (National)
Volkswagen Classic & Vintage Club of Australia (National)
Wolseley Car Club of Australia  (National)

ACT Car Clubs

ACT Vintage Motor Club (ACT)
Aston Martin Car Club ACT (ACT)
Canberra and Districts Leyland P76 Club (ACT)
Canberra Celica Group (ACT)
Canberra Historic Automobile Club (ACT)
Chev Bowtie Club of Canberra (ACT)
Chrysler Car Club of Canberra (ACT)
Classic Chevrolet Club of Canberra (ACT)
Fire Brigade Historical Society of the ACT (ACT)
FPV and XR Owners Club ACT (ACT)
Friends of the National Museum Vehicle Club (ACT)
Jaguar Drivers Club Canberra (ACT)
Land Rover Club ACT  (ACT)
Mazda MX5 Club of NSW – Canberra Chapter (ACT)
Morris Owners Group Canberra Region (ACT)
MR2 Owners Club of Australia (ACT)*  (ACT)
National XK-XP Falcon Club (ACT)
Porsche Club of Canberra (ACT)
Proutes.Com* (ACT)
Queanbeyan Veteran & Vintage Restorers Club (ACT)
Riley Motor Club of ACT (ACT)
Southern Tablelands Heritage Automotive Restorers Club (ACT)
Street Rides ACT (ACT)
Syndicate Motorsports (ACT)

NSW Clubs

Alfa Romeo Owners Club (NSW)
Alvis Car Club NSW Inc (NSW)
Anglia Prefect Car Club of Australia Inc (NSW)
Antique & Classic Motor Club Inc (NSW)
Appendix J Association (NSW)
Austin A40 Car Club of Australia (NSW)
Australian Armoured Vehicles Association Inc (NSW)
Australian Ex-Military Vehicle Collectors Society Inc  (NSW)
Australian Historic Motor Club Blue Mountains (NSW)
Australian Historic Motor Club Inc (NSW)
Berrima District Historic Vehicle Club (NSW)
Beta Historic Car Club (NSW)
Bolwell Car Club of Australia (NSW Chapter) (NSW)
Bristol Owners Club of Australia (NSW)
Campbelltown Historic Vehicle Club (NSW)
Central Coast Historic Car Club (NSW)

Citroen Car Club of NSW
Classic & Historic Automobile Club of Australia  (NSW)
Classic & Specialist Car Club of Northern NSW
Classic Rally Club  (NSW)
Club Lotus Australia (NSW)
Club Maserati Australia  (NSW)
Club Vee Dub Sydney (NSW)
Cortina Anglia Prefect Club of Australia (NSW)
Cowra Antique Vehicle Club (NSW)
Daimler & Lanchester Owners Car Club (NSW)
Early Falcon Car Club of NSW Inc  (NSW)
Early Ford V8 Club of NSW Inc  (NSW)
EJ & EH Holden Owners & Drivers Club NSW (NSW)
Falcon GT Owners Club  (NSW)
FB-EK Holden Car Club of NSW Inc (NSW)
FE-FC Holden Car Club  (NSW)
Fiat Club of New South Wales Inc  (NSW)
Ford Galaxie Club of Australia Inc   (NSW)
Garden Hawks Nest Motor Club Inc   (NSW)
Gnoo Blas Classic Car Club   (NSW)
Golden Era Auto Racing Club   (NSW)
GTR & XU-1 Owners Club  (NSW)
Hawkesbury Historical Car Club Inc   (NSW)
HD/HR Holden Club of NSW Inc   (NSW)
Hillman Owners Club of Australia Inc  (NSW)
Historic Commercial Vehicle Association   (NSW)
Historic Fire Engine Association Inc  (NSW)
Historic Sports & Racing Car Assoc NSW Inc  (NSW)
Hudson AMC Car Club of Australia Inc  (NSW)
Humber Car Club of Australia (NSW) Inc
Illawarra Vintage Car Club Inc  (NSW)
Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia Ltd  (NSW)
Jaguar Drivers Club, Hunter Region Inc  (NSW)
Jensen Car Club    (NSW)
Jowett Car Club of Australia (UK Club website)
Krusin Klassics Inc   (NSW)
Lancia Motor Club of NSW Inc  (NSW)
Land Rover Owners Club –Sydney Branch  (NSW)
Leyland P76 Classic Car Club Inc  (NSW)
Lithgow Vintage Motor Club  (NSW)
Macquarie Towns M’cycle Rest.& Pres.Club   (NSW)
Mercedes-Benz Club (NSW) Inc  (NSW)
MG Car Club Ltd (Sydney)  (NSW)
MG Restorers Association  (NSW)
Micro Car & Scooter Club  (NSW)
Mini Car Club of NSW  (NSW)
Model A Ford Club of NSW Inc  (NSW)
Model T Ford Club of Australia (NSW) Inc
Morgan Owners Club of Australia Inc  (NSW)
Morris Minor Car Club of NSW Inc    (NSW)
Morris Minor Picnic Club Inc   (NSW)
Morris Owners Club Hunter Region    (NSW)
Morris Register of New South Wales Inc  (NSW)
Mustang Owners Club Inc  (NSW)
Nepean District Morris Minor Car Club Inc   (NSW)
Newcastle Restored Vehicle Club   (NSW)
NSW Corvettes Unlimited  (NSW)
NSW Lancers Memorial Museum Inc  (NSW)
Packard Automobile Club of Australia  (NSW)
Peugeot Car Club of NSW  (NSW)
Pittwater Motor Enthusiasts Association Inc  (NSW)
Pontiac Car Club   (NSW)
Porsche Car Club  (NSW)
Porsche Club NSW  (NSW)
R & S Series Valiant Car Club of NSW Inc  (NSW)
Renault Car Club  (NSW)
Riley Motor Club of Australia (NSW Area)
Road Steam Engine Association Inc  (NSW)
Rolls-Royce Owners Club of Aust (NSW) Inc  (NSW)
Rover Owners Club  (NSW)
Shoalhaven Historic Vehicle Club Inc    (NSW)
Singer Car Club of Australia NSW Branch Inc  (NSW)
Small Ford Car Club NSW (NSW)
South Coast Holden Owners’ Club (NSW)
South Coast Vintage Car Club Inc (NSW)
South Pacific Electric Railway Co-Op Ltd  (NSW)
Southern Sydney Early Holden Car Club (Inc) (NSW)
Sprite Car Club of Australia Inc  (NSW)
Studebaker Car Club of NSW Inc  (NSW)
Sunbeam Owners Club NSW Inc  (NSW)
Sydney Bus Museum (NSW)
Tea Gardens Hawks Nest Motor Club  (NSW)
The Vintage Sports Car Club of Australia Ltd  (NSW)
Thoroughbred Sports Car Club  (NSW)
Thunderbird Owners Club of Australia (NSW)
Toyota Car Club Inc (NSW)
TR Register Australia Inc (NSW)
Triumph Sports Owners Association (NSW)
Twin Lakes Classic Auto Club Inc (NSW)
Vanden Plas Owners Club (NSW)
Vauxhall Owners Club of Australia Inc (NSW)
Veteran & Historic Motor Cycle Club  (NSW)
Veteran & Vintage Chevrolet Assoc of Aust Ltd (NSW)
Veteran Car Club of Australia (NSW) Inc (NSW)
Vintage M’cycle Club of Australia (NSW) Inc   (NSW)
Vintage Modified Association of NSW Inc (NSW)
Vintage Speedcar Association (NSW) Inc   (NSW)
Vintage Vehicle Club of Aust 1919-1930 Inc (NSW)
Volkswagen Classic & Vintage Club of Aust   (NSW)
Volkswagen Historical Society (NSW)
Volvo 1800/120 Club Australia Inc  (NSW)
Volvo Car Club NSW Inc (NSW)
Willys Whippet Overland Restorers Inc  (NSW)
Wolseley Car Club NSW Inc (NSW)
Z Car Club of Sydney  (NSW)
Zephyr Zodiac Owners Club (NSW)